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Flash and Brett
FormatSuperhero, Science Fiction
Created ByAaron Moon
StarringZac Efron
Dylan Sprayberry
Lily Collins
Opening ThemeTBA
Theme Music ComposerTBA
Country of OriginUnited States
No. of Seasons1
No. of EpisodesTBA
Executive Producer(s)Aaron Moon
Production CompanyAqua Productions
Original ChannelFFC
Original RunTBA

Flash and Brett is an american fanfic series created by Aaron Moon and produced by Aqua Productions. It is based on the DC Comics character, The Flash, the fastest man alive, who was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. FFC announced on February 13, 2014 that they have picked up the series, and that production will start from March 2014 - Winter 2014/2015. Casting has been finished for both main and recurring casts. The series will follow the lives of brothers Barry Allen (The Flash) and Brett Allen, together with Iris West.


After acquiring superhuman speed, Barry Allen becomes a superhero, The Flash. Barry and his brother, Brett Allen, team up to ensure safety in Central City, as well as protecting Iris West, Barry’s girlfriend. The two balance their normal lives with their part-time job as savior of the city.


FFC has announced the start of the production for the series, this coming March 2014. Production will continue through the Winter of 2014/2015. According to FFC, the series is expected to premiere in a one-hour special episode that first introduces the characters and then move into the first conflict. It was also revealed that the series will have a continuous timeline, with subplots. Zac Efron has been cast as Barry Allen or The Flash, which the story will revolve in. Dylan Sprayberry has been cast as Brett Allen, Barry's younger brother. Opposite Zac is Lily Collins who will portray Iris West, his love interest.

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